Current situation

The situation is like low level constant harassment at all times, CRS out day and night to arrest people, people live like animals in the wild and hide from police and also from public view. Plus they are not eating enough, they are getting less than a third of the calories requested per day since Salam association went on holidays and La Belle Etoile who do the lunch continue to serve very small portions – for a couple of days they had a bit of extra meat, maybe because the Jungle Tour was here, but even that I would not think is enough for an adult male, and especially some one who is sleeping out… yesterday dinner was small as usual. The Auberge de Migrants who do the lunch at the week-ends are giving more food and also bags to take for the evening. CMS are cooking something too… The only big operation was on the Hazara, they went there with two helicopters and they destroyed the camp as usual – well there is no more a proper camp only some minimal structures and they destroy that as well regularitly, however local volunteers help rebuild every time. There where two of us at the Hazara camp when they were attacked, more went later to do solidarity visit and police watch in the evening.