African squat raided, music

The new African squat was raided yesterday morning: the police arrested or moved out everybody who was there and the building where most people slept is now fully boarded up. Most people now sleep out in ‘jungle’, where we went to visit them yesterday. Police did not come for once. We brought coffe, sugar and tarpaulin and spent the evening with the Africans.

The Africans have now got a guitar that was donated by a Calais resident. We usually take it at night so the police don’t smash it and give it back to the people during the day. It is being played constantly – occasionally also by some Afghan on Iranian – and is great for morale, people love music. The Bucket Boyz have come and played in the park where migrants hang out during the day, it was a big success. They played before outside the cold weather shelter when it was open, with lots of people making improvised instruments, and learning Pashto dancing! The Bucket Boyz