Activity continues

Around 7 am there were 15 to 20 arrests at the new African squat. In the evening around 8.30 the police returned, some no borders activist were there and there were no arrests, the police just checked the papers of some migrants and an activst, and  a cop hit the camera of an activist that was trying to film with his radio scratching it slightly. We may ask the police to refund the damage. Also one cop told us that he does not like the English.

The last few days, we have been visiting the people in different places and helping with the small things, like giving out clothes or organizing candles… Activists went to the Sudanese jungle and distributed some tarpaulins to protect people from rain. About 30 or 40 people who were sleeping in the Africa House before its closure, are now sleeping in the bushes. They have one place were they pass the day, just waiting, hoping not to be caught by the police, and in the night they sleep in smaller groups in many different places under the trees and bushes. These people seemed much less energetic, than when they lived  in Africa House, now they seem to be very tired and exhausted. They have said that they feel they are only wasting their time…