Quick summary

I personally arrived just yesterday and it seems to me the situation is very bad and we are low in numbers; if people have time to come they very welcome, there are of things to do!

I could summarize the situation as follows: -Africa House is fenced up and there is permanent security with a dog; the back up squat where many Africans moved is also sealed up – it was evicted before the Africa house, on the same day, and 25 people arrested. -the Palestinian/Egyptian squat and another urban squat that I will not identify for security reasons are still standing, but the Palestine squat’ s entrances/ exits have been closed very tightly;

-most people are out and about camping in parks and woods with no shelter or nothing- CMS activists distributing tarpaulin, warm clothes and blankets – more  are needed! It is a very fresh and rainy summer, at night it can be very cold.

-the Kurdish jungle was subjected to a massive raid with helcopter ; -the Pashto and Hazara are subjected to incresed harassment; also lots of injuries including on minors.