Brighton migrant solidarity demo

On Saturday 19th June 2010 60 protestors took to the streets of Brighton to demand the UKBA stopped repressing migrants.

The demo began at Churchill square where people slowly gathered. Activists held banners that read ‘Solidarity with migrants’, ‘freedom of movement for all’ and ‘close all migrant prisons’ whilst handing out leaflets explaining the situation on the ground in Calais. People also handed out a leaflet debunking common myths about immigration.

After a speech the protesters took the road and marched up Queens street towards the office of the UKBA chanting, handing out flyers to passers by and talking through the megaphone. The protesters occupied the area around the UKBA office for an hour where they hung banners off the office and tried to communicate with the workers. At 2 the protesters dispersed. The demo was called by Brighton Calais Migrant Solidarity to draw attention to the worsening situation for those who wish to claim asylum in the U.K and to the increasing repression of migrants stuck in Calais. Most of the migrants in Calais are  people who have fled poverty or conflict fueled by western capitalism.

In the last few weeks the situation has worsened with the eviction of the ‘Africa House’ squat which had been home to up to 100 mainly African migrants. The inhabitants will now join the Pashto and Hazara Afghans in having to camp rough in the bush and shrubland around Calais. In the U.K, the UKBA announced their plans to open a ‘reintegration’ centre in Kabul to enable them to deport unaccompanied minors to Afghanistan for the first time. It seems that this is the proposed solution to the ending of child detention that the politicians promised in the election. Also, Refugee and Migrant Justice was forced to shut down by the Legal Services Commision by the latters failure to pay £1.8 million in overdue legal aid payments. This has left 10,000 asylum seekers without legal representation overnight. If you want to get involved with Brighton CMS then just email