Press release from the associations

Real solutions for refugees Signed so far by C’SUR, Secours Catholique, La Marmite Aux Idees.


The old factory Pagniez provides refuge for several months to refugees from East Africa, mainly from Sudan. This country is prey to a brutal civil war, and its president is the subject of a warrant of arrest from International Criminal Tribunal for the genocide in Darfur.

Asylum seekers without accommodation, children, people wandering in Europe sometimes since several years without finding a host country, they are a hundred founding a shelter in that place against the weather. The building house homeless french as well, since there is not only refugees who find themselves in the street. The evacuation and destruction of the Paniez building are announced for Wednesday, June 9. However, no legal procedure for eviction has been brought before the court, no demolition permit has been posted. If there will be expulsion and destruction, they’ll be illegal. The associations are pointing out that the destructions peppers the story Calais has been through for the last 15 years which simply have worsen the living conditions of refugees.

They also point out that the State has an obligation to house asylum seekers and does not respect this obligation, it has an obligation to protect children. Refugee minors are left in the street and suffering the same fate as adults. They point out that the European Dublin II Regulation makes it very difficult to access legal status and condemns people to the underground and an odyssey from one European country to another. Finally they point out that previous destructions have made nothing than aggravate the living conditions of refugees (who continue and will continue to come) as no concrete solution is proposed.

The associations therefore insist before any expulsion and demolition: – Accommodation which is offered to all people – that residence of persons wishing to stay in France is regularized – deportation to Sudan under no circumstances due to the situation – that those wishing to apply for asylum in France can do, even if they have left their fingerprints in another country – that minors get a protection regardless of their life plan, according to international law.