Trial of Sudanese

This Wednesday, May 26 at TGI de Boulogne, the trial of Sudanese. Some details for those who would have liked to be there: 7 indicted Sudanese were “appointed” by a letter and a digit. C2, C4, C6, C8, A1, A2 and X1 … 5 lawyers defending them. Around thirty activists came. LDH Boulogne, C`SUR, Salaam, NoBorder, a parliamentary attached Helen Flautre of Europe-ecology, Npa Boulogne Calais and Dunkerque Journalists, France 3, CalaisTV around twenty policemen (no crs).

The Sudanese were accused of “eluding on May 4, and since April 7, the administrative measure of deportation in refusing to disclose their identity and any evidence to make executing the administrative action”. A translator for English and two Arabic translators were to tell them the why they charge and ask them names and dates of birth. Obviously, only one understood a little Arabic. Two gave their identity. The lawyers denounced the vices of procedures for custody. The prisoners could not understand what they meant, they had no interpreters or lawyers, they could not accept the immediate trial in CRA´s court in full knowledge of their rights and possible consequences. The lawyers all spoke at length about the situation in Sudan, each with different details.The government, murder, civil war, more than 100 languages … And that those who have not been recognized by the Sudanese ambassador anyway can not be returned to Sudan. One of them said that silence is a legal right. This right is not told to people in custody, but exists.

They have also denounced the fact that these prisoners are considered a priori guilty of obstruction, suspected of understanding English or Arabic and refusing to cooperate with justice, so it is assumed they are part of a smugglers network instructed concealing their identity. They denounced the judicial persecution, the policy number for the deportations. The prosecutor has said several times that prisoners do not tell their name because it is the strategy that the smugglers instructed. And as they are people “frustrated” with “little education”, “spirit simple” they are locked on this defense system.  He questioned the fact that they do not understand the translators. He said they were able to understand their rights because CRA nurse and other CRA staff have testified they saw they spoke otherwise than by gestures, the nurse said she could treat them in speaking English ….

He claimed six months of imprisonment, suspended for five and three-year ban of territory. And he said it needs to be known in Calais: silence is not a good defense system. He also accused the lawyers of not having been present at the Court of Appeal in Douai. To which a lawyer replied that lawyers in Lille were supposed to meet and that if he would have known they were not there he would have made himself the displacement. (He was angry against his colleagues from Lille) One of the prisoners understood the Arabic interpreter and answered few questions from the judge: He said not to have spoken to the CRA because the first two times to have spoken they have found themselves in prison. He said he did not want to talk to the ambassador because he represents those who have done evil in Sudan. Another stretched a sheet of vaccinations to the judge when she asked questions about the CRA´s nurse. His gesture was to tell the judge that he seems to understand what she said. But she had used the word “doctor” and a lawyer said that one word does not prove that one can understand phrases or a notice of legal rights …

The judge said with keeping silent against the ambassador they lost their only chance to seek asylum. After deliberations, the Sudanese have been charged with three months in prison suspended, and three-year ban from the territory. They will be released tonight at Longuenesse and have 10 days to leave the territory. This release does not seem to be a victory. But I am unable to make comments. All this travesty of justice disgusts me. only this comment: This sheet of vaccination against influence H1N1 let us understand that all migrants detained at Coquelles CRA and without doubt also elsewhere have been vaccinated .. it looks like medical experiments. It is impossible that they could understand the reasons for such vaccination or possible side effects before agreeing to be injected. This opens another door to the horror of the conditions migrants are treated here.