In the early evening, Unit 5 of the CRS arrested 7 Sudanese migrants after chasing them from the train tracks near Africa House. SNCF employees who were nearby at the time, were seen supporting the police in capturing the men, and used a dog to prevent one of the arrestees from retrieving his bag after he had been caught.

It is often considered safer to sit near the railway tracks than it is to remain in the building, as the building has no viable escape routes.

Within the hour, the Palestinians were also raided and a number of arrests were made. In what is now a common low-down tactic by the CRS in Calais, the police sprayed unknown chemicals on peoples’ belongings and poured some in their drinking water. These buildings of course have no running water, and it is likely that the authorities wanted their residents to go to a considerable amount of effort after their release (having no doubt spent 24 hrs in a cell in Coquelles followed by the  hour-long walk back to Calais) in order to acquire more.