Quick updates

African squat: The CRS keep raiding the place daily, and several times a day. This morning 19 people were arrested (see below). The morning before CMS activists prevented arrests by holding a banner saying ‘ STOP’ in front of the CRS vans. The evening before a raid was also foiled by the presence of  10 activists who had gone to visit the squat. Other times the Africans have been arrested when they go or return from the place of food distribution.

The Council met the other day and decided the city needs to be ‘beautified’ (gentryfied) and old disused factories demolished, but they did not say when.

Hazara: The Hazara camp was trashed again by the police the other day. There is no longer a proper camp, just some minimal shelters built with bits of tarpaulin, and even those get destroyed by police. Volunteers from Salam and CMS brought a tent, new tarpaulin and a few blankets so that people can survive the night.

Pashtuns: Like the Hazara, there is no more camp, just minimal shelters hid amongst the bushes and built with bits of tarpaulin. Together with  people from various associations we delivered 10 rolls of tarpaulin 3 meters per 6,   (plus blankets, firewood etc.). People usually do not make fire though because they say it attracts the police. They just hide amongst the dunes. There are hundreds of acres of land covered in shrubs where it is very difficult for the police to find them. The CRS keep raiding the place evening and morning and going away empty handed… The only time people are really vulnerable to arrest is when they leave to go to the place of food distribution, altough there are unwritten agreemets between the charities that give food and the authorities that migrants should not be arrested when they go to food distribution, but the police do not respect them. The roads are very exposed and closed by fences so it is very difficult to escape. Crossing the motorway is always very dangerous due to the high speed traffic.