More raids and arrests

Yesterday evening after food distribution 4 Afghans were arrested just outside the place of food distribution, one an underage boy. A volunteer from associations intervened and tried to get the young boy released but to no avail.

Shortly afterwards, the railtracks were raided, there were 3 CRS vans and a van for making arrests. All people run over the motorway and went hiding amongst the dunes, except a few people who have papers. One man was seen by CMS activists being marched towards the police vans but everybody else escaped. The police went after them but could not find them and came back empty handed.

There are still dozens of people camping by the railtracks – all Pashtuns, many are boys under 18. The trains have been moved and people just sleep rough hiding amongst the bushes. The police go there very often, also several times at night, they use dogs to find them. There are many reports of police brutality, including of a man who had his knee smashed and you can see the people are full of injuries. To run over the motorway is particularily dangerous because the cars pass at high velocity; one more man has been hospitalized after bein hit by a car.

In the Hazara jungle the situation is similar: the police go there very often and destroy whatever shelters people try to build. People still hide near where their old camp was but the situation is very difficult.

Nighs are still very cold with stong wind blowing and to camp out with no shelter, no water and no firewood  is really hard.