Sudanese resisting deportation

Today, on Wednesday, May 5th, 10 persons in ” irregular situation ” will be judged in the court of Boulogne-sur-Mer. These 10 individuals arrive at the end of being held in detention for 32 days. They will be judged for having refused to speak with the Consul of Sudan who came on April 15th of this year to the CRA of Coquelles. The racist laws of this country plan a prison sentence as punishment .

Some persons having spoken to the consul were recognized as Sudanese and received a returning paper for Sudan. A plane had to expel them towards that country last week. The European Court of Human Rights suspended this decision. The persons having decided to resist by keeping silent not to be expelled are threatened with prison for obstruction and refusals of decline their identity. We call to go tomorrow at 1 pm to the court of Boulogne to show our Opposition to this police and racist state No border Calais Papers for all, Free circulation, free installation, Closure of Detention centers