Court report

No Border was the only organization named in court in Boulogne. Many Police Aux Frontiers (PAF) from Coquelles Immigration Prison were in the court room. They tried to prevent us from getting into court. when we stopped others from entering, they had to let us through. The refugees were handcuffed and had been waiting from 10am.

Of the 10 migrants, 7 migrants could not understand or communicate (only english and arabic translator was present, and as one lawyer pointed out, there are over 125 languages in Sudan). Their trial was postponed to Wednesday, May 26, which means they will be in detention for three weeks. For the three refugees who were able to communicate: 3 months suspended sentence and three years exclusion from France territory. They have 10 days to leave France. Overall: 10 lawyers banded together to defend the refugees but were not able to talk to them. Maître Calonne said it was shameful to deport people to Darfur. They questioned the legality of judging people who can not understand the charges and defend themselves fairly. The prosecutor, complicite with the police, talked about illegal immigration networks and the defense system used by the refugees of Darfur. We tried to obstruct the transfer of the van in which 7 people were taken to prison. See you May 26th for more.