Demo and hunger strike broken up by cops

On monday evening about 50 people, who had been sleeping in front of the BCMO (cold weather shelter) since its closure, decided they would start a protest the following day. They were thinking about reaching publicity by organizing a demonstration and a hunger strike. The next morning people gathered to prepare banners. During the preparations police showed up and started by arresting two Kurdish men at the bridge next to the BCMO. From this point on, more and more police cars began to arrive.

First, police nationale very selectively arrested one person out of the group of migrants, and then the CRS  randomly arrested about 20 migrants. People then decided not to carry on with the hunger strike.

In the afternoon, workers from the port built a temporary fence separating the grass where people sleep, and the entrance of the BCMO building where people also sleep.

About ten No Borders activists went to Coquelles to protest at the detention centre, where the imprisoned detainees could see the protesters. But this protest was again disrupted by the police,who took the IDs of all activists and later followed their car back into the city.

But this was not the only place in town where police were harassing people. In the early morning, at 8am, seven people were arrested at the so-called Egypt house, five of whom were released during the day, and two more migrants were arrested in town this morning and released in the afternoon.