Hangar re-opened!

There was a great reopening of the hangar today, with migrants in there from 1000, dancing, writing, discussing things, watching films. Then about 1900 (after the hangar had shut for the day) the surrounding streets were shut off by loads of CRS (riot police).

CRS illegal entry to the hangar

The police started to force their way into the door and the activists inside opened it so the police could visually confirm that there weren’t any migrants in the hangar. Despite this the police continued to force their way in and the five activists inside were arrested and taken to the police station. They have now been released. Other activists were at the food distribution area nearby while this happened. No paperwork was presented by the police to justify their illegal entry into this rented space. The area around the hangar is still sealed off. On their return the arrested activists were able to retrieve their belongings from inside the hangar one by one, just like on Sunday 7th February. The hangar is without doubt closed at the moment. We will return, it is our place!!