Police surround hangar

Police have surrounded the new No Borders centre in Calais and are demanding that no migrants are allowed to sleep overnight.

A warehouse in Calais, rented by No Borders, opened today to offer to migrants a dry, partially heated space with cooking, toilet and washing facilities.

At approximately 5pm, a small police presence attempted to block access by the migrants. This was not successful and a large number broke through shouting “Freedom, No Borders, No Nations”.

At 6pm, most of the migrants left to attend the twice daily NGO food distribution. During this period, the police took the opportunity to blockade all three access roads to the No Borders centre. At 7pm, a large number of migrants and other activists collected outside the blockades on two fronts. Aided by people from within the police lines, both groups successfully breached the blockades and entered the centre.

A large contingent of CRS police has arrived but currently remain in their vans on a nearby street. The police are demanding that no migrant, excepting children, are allowed to sleep in the centre overnight.

No Borders is very clear, Noone is illegal, Freedom to move, Freedom to stay. The No Borders centre welcomes migrants to stay overnight if they choose.. “It’s great here. Around 75-100 people in here. Everyone helping out running the place.”


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