CRS out in force again

After a couple of days of relative calm, the CRS are out in force again

There were a flurry of arrests in the night, either of people trying to cross or those picked up randomly on the streets.

At 3am, Arab squat was raided and three people were arrested. All have now been released.

At 8am, the African squat was practically evicted, everyone who did not manage to run was arrested (and later released) and everything, including blankets, pots and other cooking stuff, food and firewood was taken by the police. What possible justification could they have for this? Where are the large human rights NGOs and journalists to denounce this?

Later we took firewood and a few blankets to the refugees in the squat but not enough for all the people. It is freezing and people will just sit around fires all night because it is too cold to sleep without proper cover… and they can’t even make tea.

In the morning the CRS turned up at BCMO, that has re-opened for the past three nights due to freezing temperatures.