Big police raid at the African squat Paignez

Yesterday around 4 pm CRS 32 arrived at the African squat (Ethiopia House) with two vans and two police buses for arresting people and took whomever they could catch. There were 28 arrests. No blankets destruction this time. Several CMS activists rushed to the scene but too late to prevent any arrests. Most Africans have moved to that squat after the destruction of their traditional camps and squats – Eritreans, Darfutri, other Sudanese, apparently very few Ethiopinans are there at the moment.

In the evening the PAF (Police de l’Air et des Frontieres) went to the Arab squat to count people and check their papers, which is usually preparation for a bigger operation, three CMS activists went to the scene after being alerted by one of the occupants. The police were quite aggressive but we stood our ground until they eventually left.