Intervention at university debate

Still a lot of migrants in our place.

At night a debate is held in an amphitheatre of the university on national identity and the possible presence of Besson . Very few people are aware. Even the staff are not aware and believe that it is a joke. Even if they began to doubt the information we prepare our presence in this debate. AND it takes place, despite the entries being carefully controlled. One of us still manages to infiltrate and make a speech. Outside the noborders climb the building to save a banner and distributing leaflets. They were quickly removed by police.

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We are never enough people in Calais to handle these situations;

Call for helping hands!

Call for blankets, warm clothes, etc.

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PS: Similar situations exist all along the coast. In Belgium there are also ‘jungles’, including at Ostend and Zeebrugge. If some information on these locations, contact us.