African squat evicted

Around 9 o’clock the police evicted the African squat. They confiscated the people’s belongings (blankets, mattresses dumped in skips). About twenty are arrested. Resettlement of Africans in the same squat. We are bringing them blankets and mattresses and try to help them better secure the building.

Opening of a room as cold weather shelter by the mayor: One hundred migrants can stay from 7 in the evening to 10 in the morning, to spend the night. Sixty make it the first night, many are afraid.

Demonstration at the airport Lesquin denouncing the deportations of Afghans (who are taken to the airport Roissy / Paris). A hundred people, many of rhetoric and noisy march to the CRA, or a bunch of cops ahead . We (in the humanitarian area, noborders anarchists many gathered from Lille) remain in front of the centre for an hour, warming themselves with slogans like No Border, No Nation.

Back to Calais: Police waited outside the cold weather shelter and arrested the migrants who had left the room to go to the water point, 50 meters away.