Police violence at the beach

9 arrests at the beach yesterday at 11.15pm, all released by now. About 18 boys sleep there, all from Afghanistan and aged between 13 and 20. One young boy was hit in the leg by CRS with a truncheon and injured. The CRS were also shouting and insulting people.There were about 10 policemen. The night before there were 8 or 9 policemen with three cars and took 10 boys; four had papers, three were under age and were released , two were kept 24 hours in police station and one is now believed to be in deportation centre. The CRS and police are going to the beach every night, up to three times per night and arresting people indiscriminatley, including minors and people who have papers.

15 Pashto including young people taken today at 10 am from the jungle.

3 vans and 2 snatch vans used Police also visited Ethiopians and Arabic squat. No arrests there.