More raids

More raids; 15 Pashto including several young people, some as young as 11 were arrested in a raid on the Pashto jungle. The minors were meant to be released this morning, but they have not been yet. 8 Sudanese arrested by the train station (unconfirmed by us reported by one of the associations). During patrol we monitored 2 Sudanese being arrested by the port, in their new squat/shelter. We then disrupted 12 CRS (threatening to use gas) as they attempted a raid on the Arabic squat (unsuccessful thanks to our warnings!); we were then able to warn the people in the Ethiopian house, and monitor a raid there. Despite there being 2 vans with over 10 police no one was arrested again. We then went to visit the Sudanese area, where we were ‘controlled’ for the 3rd time in one night; this time by the PAF; and threatened with arrest.

There is no rest for people in Calais. On Saturday we will have a meeting with the assoications about the ‘Delit de solidarite’ and how to challenge the law which makes it illegal to help migrants. We will also discuss the shelter situation. We are finding new building for squatting all the time, but the police are everywhere. People are scared; but by working together, we are strong. With repression escalating, the associations are thinking of more political responses; and by having a constant presence here, we are building strong networks. Come to Calais!