Busy days in Calais

CRS raids

It’s been a busy few days in calais….

Yesterday after the food distribution 6 Sudanese were arrested, then the CRS raided the Arabic squat and took about 15 people. Then this morning the CRS arrested 18 people at the new Pashtun jungle at 9am; and then 20 people from the Ethiopian house at the same time. They returned again to the Ethiopian house this afternoon at 5pm and took 5 more people. They also returned to the Arabic squat; everyone escaped, but there were 3 vans and 2 cars. There has also been an increase in the activity of undercover police (BACS) monitoring and ‘controlling’ (searching and checking passport details) of activists. With Besson’s threat to make Calais a migrant free zone by the end of the year always on our minds; we encourage people to come and do solidarity work.