Hunger strike finishes

Coquelles: Hunger strike/ food refusal finished. The 6 detainees who were refusing food have resumed eating.
One woman from an Arab country was not eating for 5 days.
The other 5 are from Afghanistan one is an under age boy who has not had an age assessment.
They all being ordered to be detained some 15 days and put under pressure to apply for asylum in France, and threatened they will be deported back to their countries if they do not apply.

Ethiopia house under attack

The police went to the Ethiopian squat yesterday morning 9.30 and arrested 6 people. Others managed to hide. The police were there two days before asking how many people live there and taking pictures. It looks like they are preparing to close down the squat. Ethiopia house was already evicted the 3rd November, everybody who did not manage to escape or hide was arrested and all people’s property destroyed. CMS activists and Salam helped with giving blankets and clothes to the people after they were released. Lots of people live there, from Ethiopia, Eritrea and other West African countries. Many Eritreans have moved there after the destruction of the Eritrean squat (Africa House) and very recently many Sudanese moved there after their shelters by the beach were destroyed.

As we are very few on the ground until Thursday, urgent help is needed. Please come to Calais now if you can. Thursday lots of new people arrive but than it may be too late.