Medecins Du Monde project

Some activists have attended a meeting by Medecins du Monde [Doctors of the world] to know more about where the project of tents distribution was. The idea was to mark them with a humanitarian logo that would make the police suable for destruction. It was initially thought that the project was abandoned, but the information was denied by one member of MdM. Today, we learned more. MdM will indeed distribute stuff, but no tents at all. For some reason, the board of directors decided against it. So what MdM will actually distribute is: a rucksack, and inside it: a blanket, a sleeping bag, some kind of raincoat, and a hygiene kit. It has been objected by all present that this is useless against the rain, and the representative of MdM is quite aware of the weakness of this. He will try to continue to put pressure on the administration.

Nevertheless, the feeling of the meeting, overall, was one of subordination to, and fear of, townhall and the sous-prefecture. All organizations seemed to be saying that the new distribution place was great, and they needed to be extremely careful what they do with it, or around it. ‘The agreement is extremely strict. We can only distribute food there, nothing else.’ If something else is done, Townhall will crack down and close the place. I remained silent, but I was thinking, ‘So the fuck what ? We can distribute food anywhere we want !’ So MdM will have to distribute elsewhere than at food distributions.

The last part of the meeting involved finding housing solutions for migrants. Nothing of consequence was proposed; not to my knowledge anyway; I was a little bored at that point. C, a very energetic volunteer who was still with us just a few days ago, proposed to launch a petition to suspend the solidarity offense, so anyone could house migrants, for the winter. We are working to refine it; it might be ready soon.