Detention centres blockaded in Belgium

* 31st October

A friend reports this. I’m copy&pasting her:

Just got some news from Belgium 120 activists from west of Europe are
blockading 2 detention centres at the moment in Belgium. These are the
detention centres in Brugge and Votten. The blockade will be for the whole

Also, in the last few days, activists in Calais have been busy sticking up pictures around town with paste. Here’s a few of them:

Calais, seen from the ground

Humanity, seen from Calais

Yes we put one there too. That was my favorite. It lasted a few days. The rest of the pictures can be found there. May I also say that the fountain is still red, as we speak ?

Back to the tents situation, we have been wondering who exactly had ordered the clearing of the bridges. Cops told us it was a private site, owned by the Regional Council, but after a little investigation, we have found that no one wanted to speak to us about who took the decision. The Regional Council denies having taken the decision; that means the cops lied. To those cops who might be reading and who might know some English (A n B=0 probably), I want to say that it’s ok, we already knew you had no values, we expect you to lie to our face. Please continue, it might be difficult for us, adjusting to any other reality.

So anyway, Medecins du Monde (‘doctors of the world’) had this idea of distributing loads of tents, and marking them with their logo, making it humanitarian material. That’s kinda what I was thinking of a few months ago; lending stuff and marking them as ours, and then when cops throw them away, to try to reclaim them and get compensated. But activists have heard the organization gave up on that, due, apparently, to threats by the prefecture that all such tents would be destroyed. It seems the prefect was quite pissed too and the hierarchy of MdM simply caved in. [7pm update: a conversation with one member from MdM reveals that the plan is not entirely abandoned; a discussion is due soon and a decision will be taken.]

This is by the way the only authority whom we know has some responsibility in the clearing of the bridges. At the meeting of the 27th, the prefect was heard saying the tents under the bridges would be gone. It’s almost like the prefect took the decision all on his own. Who’s a big boy ?!