Attacks at food distribution point

The police attack migrants at food distribution
Salam said today:
‘Today the repression is stronger than ever and we see even police coming to arrest the migrants during the meal including in the area reserved for that purpose and organized by the Region and the Town Hall!’
So we must do something good, for refugees when they want to eat.
I have some ideas.
But first, it’s to go to the place and stop the police! We know how to close the door!

At least 9 men detained in Coquelles have been given deportation papers to Afghanistan
We are seeking to organize legal support/ further representations to the ECHR with GISTI. Also prepare for action if there is another attempt to deport by charter flight! At least two minors detained have been said to be over 18 after hospital visit and X rays of the hands to assess their age – we know these age assessments are not reliable.

Fachos and skinheads
Yesterday night a bunch of young skinheads passed several times near the bridge under which Afghan sleep (not far from the former place of distribution of the Belle Etoile). They were aboard a red car, very ‘beautiful & sport ‘. They were shouting monkey noises and throwing stones. The Afghans told us they pass here every day. Maybe more tonight because of the weekend. We stayed an hour and our presence seemed to prevent them from come back. We should try to increase the time with the migrants under the bridge at night.