More raids at the bridges

pour chiara 2 CRS vans at the bridges

Yesterday around 9 pm we witnessed 4 CRS snatch vans and loads of cops going to the bridges, they arrested 4 children, everybody else run away or went hiding. I got so angry I wanted to get myself arrested too, these boys are clearly under 18, they are refugees from Afghanistan or Iran, they are sleeping under bridges and the police go arrest them there. These cops – and who sends them – have no shame no dignity. We tried to follow the snatch vans as they drove towards the jungle but lost them because bicycles are too bloody slow.

Three Afghan grown up men were also arrested from that area around 8 pm, we met them in the morning: they had just come out the police station after being kept there all night.

In the bridge area we also met a thirteen years old who is sleeping there, he was in the company of an older man, they did not have any problem that night but the thirteen years old has been previously arrested while sleeping under the bridges.

This morning we also cycled to the ex-Pashto jungle again; we met four migrants from Afghanistan who are sleeping in that area, they say there were no arrests last night but 20 – 25 arrests the night before. There are no more new camps in that area, that I know of, they have all been destroyed by police, but people are sleeping rough everywhere, especially people who have no papers and are hiding, least they get arrested and taken to deportation centre; those who sleep under the bridges all have papers i.e. have applied for asylum in France, or they are minors and cannot be deported; the police arrest them very often than they are released. A new camp near the Iranian jungle ( where the No Borders camp was) was destroyed the other day. We also went past the ex- Hazara jungle, similar situation.

pour chiara 4 Afghan minors arrested, inside CRS van

A new camp destroyed

A new camp destroyed

After a couple very busy days with lots of people coming and going we are low in numbers again; please keep coming, but call our communication phone first, 0033 634810710 and let us know if you are coming, and for how long if possible, otherwise things get confusing and we really need to concentrate on the work we are doing. People always welcome to come, for long or for short, but perhaps communication needs improving – Chiara