CRS out prowling again

Yesterday, the CRS were out en masse. Some 15 people were arrested at the park, all under the eyes of no borders activists, who were feeling a little unhelpful as there was nothing they could do to stop the thing. One activist was on a bike and yelled ‘Slavery! Tyranny!’ at the cops, one of whom invited him to ‘say it to his face’. Not being completely stupid, the activist decided not to get within arms reach of a CIU with a club, and fled from the scene. Sadly, the incident did not prevent any one arrest. Elsewhere at the bridges, 5 Iranians were arrested by the CRS around 10pm, and they spent the night at the police station.

P1030142 Search before arrest/ the Earth from Above exibition

Also, this morning, the bridge facing Belle Etoile’s ex-noon distribution was cleared. Activists were cycling around the area, and saw 3 vans of CRS going up the road opposite the river. There were municipal employees with white suits and masks; this indicates a new clearing of people’s belongings. One activist has already been told, when he was waiting at the Eritreans while it was still there, that it was dangerous staying there. ‘You could get the leper,’ he was told. That’s how racist they are. Another camp was destroyed this morning, near the Iranians camp.

All this in at the time of the arrival of European parliamentarians today. This is some kind of spontaneous visit by members of various green parties of Europe. The schedule was something along the lines of: meet the associations, meet the migrants, see the security at the port, and hold a press conference. Activists had been thinking of presenting a file compiling the history of repression in Calais, unfortunately there wasn’t enough time. We are thinking of sending it later. I personally had some reservations about talking to people who are part of the very system of movement control whose legitimacy we deny. It certainly was depressing for me to hear one say ‘Even those who have a claim!’ [don’t get protection/asylum] I’m sure that, to that person, those who don’t should still benefit from Europe’s largesse. That’s the difference between No Borders and sympathetic European parliamentarians. Everyone has an overriding claim to freedom of movement.