Constant arrests

*18th October

~Activists hear about an unusually important wild duck migration from Calais; it would be a sign of an extremely harsh winter coming. In other words: borders urgently needed to be abolished.


At midnight last night we distributed some building materials and
with some of the Pashtun.  830AM we had to watch as the CRS arrested
these same people where they slept in their continual attempts to
the bridges. We followed 2 vans of CRS and their 'snatch van' to the
 old Pashtun jungle where they arrested 10 more people.
With the cold weather and the police constantly chasing migrants, we
 cannot provide help fast enough.
 All over Calais there are the burnt our broken remains of camps,
and many people are now too afraid to come to the food distribution
for fear of arrest.  some are even too afriad to talk to us when we
 try to work with them. If you can donate materials please contact