Raids and a trial

It is beautiful and sunny but bitterly cold in calais; the CRS continue to escalate their campaign against the sans papiers…

Yesterday whilst we were in court in bolougne supporting those on trial for ‘rebellion’ (spontaneous demonstration during the camp) they came to the new sudanese area in the woods and cleared it; serving papers to many threatening them with deportation today back to Italy; several are applying for asylum in france we are helping them.

This morning 6am they raided the Ethiopian house (where now eritreans,
sudanese and ethiopians live) they arrested 5 eritreans. They smashed up
stuff inside the warehouse and said they will return tommorrow.

Then they went to another area on the island where people from the docks
have been sleeping under an old covered bridge near the fort… They put
locks on the bridge and removed them.

At 1100; with the the bulldozers continuing to demolish the eritrean
house in the background, they came to the bridges area and they cleared
the shelters of the kurds and pashtun who have been living there. They
came with council vans, destroyed their structures and piled the blankets
into a maintenance truck. They sprayed all the are with chemicals and
arrested 1 person. People tried to gather what they could but everything
was covered in chemicals.

Please if you are coming bring blankets and tents and sleeping bags…
as the CRS continue to clear ares everyone is preferring to stay mobile;
not trusting any place for too long, so sleeping stuff is really essential.