Demos in Paris and Lille

2 demonstrations are taking place in Lille and Paris; one against police repression and another for the regularization of all undocumented people. Some activists have decided to join the Lille demo this afternoon. The French newspaper, Nord Littoral, mentions the end of free showers for migrants. During the summer, the state authorities had taken over the showers first installed by the associations to deal with the scabies epidemic. As our readers know, taking a shower is not enough to treat scabies, and so it is quite a farce to now read state authorities say that the epidemic has been treated and there’s no point in maintaining the showers anymore. The showers were never enough in the first place, and more epidemics and diseases will spread if a minimum level of hygiene is not provided. The state does not want to provide it. Also, here’s more French folly, in the same vein as requesting permission for holding a demonstration: Secours Catholique has required permission from right-wing Townhall to build showers on the premises that it already owns, on Saint-Omer’s Route. You need permission by racists to build stuff in your own house. This is what one person in the prefecture had to say about it: ‘The State is in its role of mediation between local actors. The negotiations [between Secours Catholique and Townhall] are underway. It’s difficult. They must be brought to a conclusion as quickly as possible. We try to make the debate advance between the local partners.’ Well how about Townhall minds its own business, instead of stopping Secours Catholique from working to provide the basic necessities of life to innocent people ? How about that ? Wouldn’t that make more sense ? I don’t know.-Matt