Situation at the Docks

This morning, one activist decided to return to the Docks and see what has become of it. We have heard that the entrance was monitored by a security guard with a dog. I checked it out and didn’t see any such thing. As the twitter indicated, all the openings have been closed with fences; there is one gate on the southern side of the docks, and it is guarded by a private security van, which lets vehicles pass as they come. Here are two pictures:

img_4555Although this picture sucks ass, you can see that even the platform has been fenced

I took this picture from the southern side, the van guys didn’t want me inside and didn’t want to be photographed, but they’re just next to me, on my right.

img_4556A second picture, from the northern side this time

Everyone who has been there will recognize the tags, and everyone will see there is absolutely nothing going on on those platforms. The ‘owner’ of this place doesn’t have any use for those platforms. He doesn’t have any legitimate title to it, except the one given to him by the state, via a piece of paper with his name on it; that is, artificially. Without the state enforcing this fake property, and putting those platforms out of use, our migrant friends would still have this shelter, because, without the state taking on the task in the place of the ‘owner’, the eviction is just not worth the effort when the same ‘owner’ doesn’t even need the fucking platforms for anything. This guy simply didn’t like it that brown people were there. It’s the whole reason of the eviction: racism. And I’m not even mentioning the large blue container with all the personal stuff that belonged to migrants, I’m not even talking about the illegitimate control by the state of people’s whereabouts. This whole thing is completely sick.-Matt