Dock camps being evicted

The Docks camps are being evicted this morning. Everybody who has no papers is being arrested.
Camp at the Docks dismantled around 10:15 French time. Docks are fenced off around 11.20 French time.
55 people were arrested this morning.

UKPA article on cancellation charter flight yesterday:

‘Plans for the first joint British and French flight taking immigrants back to Afghanistan have fallen apart after Paris withdrew its co-operation at the last minute in the face of protests from refugee groups.

A charter flight leaving the UK on Tuesday night carrying a group of deported Afghans to Kabul was due to stop off in Lille, where Afghans detained by France, some detained during raids on the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, would have joined the flight.

The Home Office refused to comment but sources confirmed the British side of the deportation would go ahead as planned with around 25 Afghans originally held in Britain returned.

France’s last minute withdrawal followed vociferous protests by a coalition of refugee groups.’

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