Callout for support in Calais for migrants on hunger strike

Following a demonstration yesterday by No Borders activists, including migrants from places such as Iran, Sudan and Afghanistan, a hunger strike is being planned in protest about the situation here in Calais.

A growing number of people from different migrant communities are coming together to plan political actions. This hunger strike will begin tomorrow and the people involved have asked us to support them.

Numbers of activists in Calais have grown as news of the Pashtun Jungle destruction has spread, however numbers are now shrinking again and more people are needed to replace those who have to return to commitments elsewhere. The migrants are still here. Destroying their homes will not change that as most have nowhere else to go.

We have established good relationships with many of the migrant communities in Calais and now is a good time to get involved and show solidarity. No special skills are required, but those with medical, legal or media skills will of course be extra useful.

Those not able to come to Calais at this time can offer support by being media contacts and writing press releases, or by donating money or equipment. Contact us to find out the current wish-list, or to offer support or tell us you are coming.
Communications number (French mobile): (+33)634810710

Calais Migrant Solidarity Wish-list


Bikes, bike tools, locks, chain, inner tubes,


Tools – especially a saw


Cooking knives,

Shoes – mens, size 40-46 especially

Memory stick for computer,

Camera, video camera