14.40: People who made asylum claim in France have been released, but with nothing, even their green cards taken and shoelaces. 30-35 migrants from jungle taken to Toulouse

14.22: Activists have been doing medic work with migrants today. Everyone afraid. Activist still held in Coquelles detention center/police station. CRS clamping down on us. 100 Pashtun from Calais in Lille detention center. 50 Afghans arrested in Dunkerque. 4 Afghans arrested in Grand Sant. CRS told Palestinians by dock that they will be cleared tomorrow morning.

08.46: 1 No Borders activist arrested last night for driving with 3 Iranians in a car. Still in custody. Will send more info, only sketchy details from the police so far.

08.25: 19 people left dockside, the ‘Palestinian’ squat in the centre of Calais – everyone else has fled. We have been finding alternative acommodation for people… new arrivals all the time. Looked after three 13 year old Afghans yesterday left with nothing – they are safe now. The Pashtun ‘jungle’ is just a pile of rubbish and dirt now.

08.02: 11 arrests this morning, 2 Vietnamese and 9 Eritreans. Last night many Eritreans fled from their house (squat). The CRS just came, they cleared the area but several people managed to get away.