Jungle destroyed despite resistance

*Tuesday 22nd September

Joint Declaration. Destroying the jungles: a false solution – announcement from Associations

11.48: Sub Prefect of Police in Calais Debousquey announces that 278 Pashtun arrested, 146 over 18 years old, 132 under 18 years old. Not being held in police station or Coquelles detention centre, not sure where.

In his statement to the press outside the cleared Pashto ‘jungle’ Debousquey states that “…we couldn’t accept this jungle which is a scandal in terms of rights and sanitation, in terms of delinquency of whom the first victims were the migrants who camped here”. Yet the police and Calais authorities:

> refused showers to be set up by Secours Catholiques in July

> maneuvered legally to frustrate Medecins du Monde and Medecins sans Frontieres’ plans to attempt to deal with the scabies outbreak among migrants in Calais

> reneged on their legal responsibilities to house and support under 18s, by Debousquey’s own reckoning about half of those arrested this morning

> regularly harassed migrants on their way to the afternoon PASS medical clinic, often picking up migrants and dropping them off 3km out of Calais

> and many indiscriminate violent and illegal actions against migrants, individually and collectively, such as spraying the one water hydrant at the Pashto jungle with tear gas to make it unusable

> FRENCH LAW makes it illegal to support anyone without papers – an activists was arrested earlier in the summer for lending her mobile phone to a migrant. We have obviously flouted this ridiculous law in our work with migrants

Hear Debousquey’s statement here

11.10: Besson (French immigration minister) announced all the jungles to be cleared by Friday, all the extra CRS staying in Calais until then.

08.15: Prefect of Calais just went into the Pashtun ‘jungle’ which is now totally cleared of people. Activists unable to see what destruction of dwellings is happening. The Prefect said there will be more destructions later today. Activists were kettled in by police outside Pashtun ‘jungle’, now released. CRS running around snatching people. Media circus left now, preparing for Besson press conference at Town Hall at 10.30 (9.30 BST)


07.19: 300-400 CRS (French riot police) broke ring we made around Pashtun used knife to cut rope and ran at us with it. Taking away mainly young Pashtun, all arrested. Not in full riot gear, no gas used. Helicopters overhead, trucks. Not dignified as Besson claimed. Several activists assaulted.

banner 4

12.09: Besson coming to Calais 1030. Bloackades been set up by Pashtuns in the main ‘jungle’ – about 250 migrants left. Some media. Lots of banners migrants made with No Borders, good spirits. No CRS came in the night but moving in now. Iranians served papers due to be cleared so they found a new home. Army jeeps, trucks and helicopters sighted.


Is this operation going to achieve anything???