Yesterday, Besson, the French Immigration Minister announced on national television in France that “the jungle”, the migrants’ camps in Calais, will be cleared by the end of next week. Calais Migrant Solidarity is calling on all activists to come to Calais and oppose this inhumane destruction, stand in solidarity, and help create new homes for the migrants if the destruction goes ahead.

There is now a hive of activity around Calais and unfortunately for right-wing Besson, there is much that can be done. This could be another case of Sarkozy’s boy Besson crying wolf; he has previously given dates for destruction and has said previously that he will conduct a trial simulation of the distruction of the jungles in October, but has since seemingly not followed through with his words.

However, the Ethiopian and Eretrean squats were cleared today of everything. We think this is likely to be a “real” emergency and are therefore calling on activists to come and show Besson that we are ready and that we will defend people’s homes when they want us to.

In Calais, three perspectives mark the margins of a variety of approaches is divided betwe:en those that are looking to the state to deal with what they are told is a problem, short-term plastering the humanitarian urgency and and those that are demanding a respectful more humanitarian solution that is based on the dignity and equality of human beings. With previous Government attempts to alter the population of Calais failing, such as the closure of Sangatte in 2002, the destruction of squatted houses and constant police brutality have , all of which have lead to the same racist, oppressive and violent situation just with an even less easy life for all concerned. , there is little hope that any such approach is any more affective now. We are therefore continuing our campaign to highlight that the state itself is to blame for the situation we are in and so a non-state solution is the only way to reach the better world that we all want to see.

So spread the word that solidarity is growing, the oppressed are fighting back, and together we will not rest until the racist system is exposed, fascist ideas are defeated and human rights that have been our generation’s birth-right are extended to those who are continually left out of the main debate. Another world is not only possible, we’re building it in Calais! So come and meet the citizens of the world, hear their stories, learn new another languages and stand up against police oppression.

If you cannot come, please share your ideas and ressources for action with us. Together, so we can show that we will not follow, but walk together into a better tomorrow. It’s time to go beyond open the borders.