Visiting some Armenians and a new jungle

We have been helping two Kurdish Armenian families, both with young children, who arrived together in Calais and were found by activists two days previously. The families have no money and nowhere to go. Last night they were put up in a cheap hotel by one of the humanitarian organisations here in Calais. Went to meet them and to have a sly shower in the hotel (the families insisted!)

Went to collect unsold food from the market and deliver it to the Sudanese Jungle in the van that has arrived. There has been no transport here for a while and only one bike, so the van will be extremely useful.

Later we went to find a Vietnamese Jungle we did not know about before. It took us ages to find it and we hung about outside for a while unsure of how to make contact as we didn’t want to freak them out or intrude into their space. Eventually we went in cautiously holding some of the fruit we had brought with us. A woman came out to meet us and immediately invited us in, without even bothering to ask who we were or why we had just appeared on their doorstep bearing fruit. She is the only woman in the camp and is living there with 19 men. They came together in a big group and the atmosphere in the camp is very pleasant. They were extremely polite and hospitable and invited us to eat with them, which we did.