Interview with Besson

This is the translated section on Calais from Besson’s longer interview with Nord Littoral

Back to work Conference of Eric Besson, Minister of Immigration
“A full-scale simulation of the dismantling of the jungle in October”
Friday, 04.09.2009, 14:00

Nord Littoral
“The United Kingdom remains a very attractive hub for smuggling. I announced a plan with three components: the restoration of the rule of law with a view to dismantling “the jungle” before the end of the year, the strengthening of border controls, the only way of ‘illegal channels to send the clear message that you no longer pass to England from Calais; the establishment of a scheme involving humanitarian scheme for the opening at Calais a surgery to receive applications for asylum, a permanent access to care, a point of distribution of meals, a place t wash, showers and a point for drinking water.

You confirm the dismantling of “the jungle” before the end of the year. Can you be more specific in time and what are the different steps that will lead?
“Several dismantlings of unplanned settlements and squatters were held this summer. The jungle located near the port of Calais will be dismantled before the end of the year. When? I cannot tell you even if I knew I would not say for obvious security reasons. To make this operation as dignified as possible, the operation from a logistical point of view is very difficult to implement, I have established several criteria that must comply with the Prefect. The operation will be triggered only when all these criteria are met. In the meantime, I asked the prefect to hold a full-scale simulation of the dismantling of “the jungle” in early October. It will determine whether we are ready to bring in police, interpreters and doctors in sufficient numbers to achieve the decommissioning. This operation will serve as dress rehearsal so that we can carry it out in the utmost respect for human dignity. “