Raid blocked successfully

Last night at 2100 the CRS came again for the Eritreans. 3 vans
10 cops pulled up around the side and 2 CRS went into the house.
CRS threw a potato or a stone into the front yard over the wall.
An unmarked white estate then arrived by the front. CRS ran out and
tried to snatch people.

The Eritreans hid and No Borders activists managed to stop the CRS
snatching anyone.  We filmed them and stopped them from entering.
The CRS have begun filming us so we had a camera stand off for a
while before they drove away.

They were unable to find anyone.  We think these raids are illegal
because they do not have authority to enter the house please can
someone check this?

I followed them on a bicycle on my own (not advisable).  They went
to the
park (they have started to snatch migrants here late at night).
The van
got 2 people; I think they were Hazara. Another van arrived and the
unmarked car.  I got off the bicycle to try to talk to the migrants.  I
had been shouting for some time which the CRS do no like!2 CRS
me as I tried to escape.  They grabbed me; got the bicycle; let down
the tyres and kicked it.Then 9 CRS cops circled me and pushed me.They
tried to make me pay a fine 135 euro!  I said I had no money.  They
shouted for a while and checked my passport before letting me go;
I could not help the migrants.

I went back to the Eritrean's; they were ok; then the unmarked car
came back again; but once again; when it saw we were there they did
not try to enter.

These patrols are essential. We have 7 jungles to patrol; plus the
park now.  If we are always at the Ertireans they will go somewhere
else;  but it is clear that we are directly stopping them making

Please come to Calais now; and bring a bicycle or a car or van;
we need numbers here!