CRS stepping up their tactics

The last few days have seen the CRS stepping up their tactics and causing
further distress to migrants in Calais. Yesterday morning at 8.00 am four
Eritreans were arrested, and last night another five were also arrested
and taken to Cocquelles. These arrests can be fatal for migrants as the
police can sometimes detain them for days, take them to the German border
and leave them or occasionally deport them if they are repeat offenders.
It’s not clear whether all in question have been released yet.

This morning at around half past seven/ eight the CRS made a raid on the
Palestinian squat. Following an unusual patrol late last night, the CRS
targeted certain people including Palestinians, Sudanese and Eritreans.
Altogether nine were arrested and a shelter partially destroyed. Activists
were prevented from entering the area although many found alternative ways
in. The CRS refused to believe that we could be friends with the migrants
and checked our passports telling one activist; ‘England is over there, go
home, swim’

Activists continued to follow the CRS and spotted them at the Pashtun
jungle. They managed to arrest one Afghan but left quickly when we
arrived. It seems they don’t appreciate being filmed or watched.
The Hazara Jungle was once again raided on the 27th August. The police destroyed the main shelter, attacked sleeping people causing internal injuries and bizarrely stole their pet kitten, Mimi. They used pepper spray on the
ruins that they left to ensure that they could not be used again. 15
migrants were arrested but subsequently released. Efforts from Salam, No
Borders and other organizations ensured that they had food and enough
materials to rebuild. However the jungle remains highly vulnerable
especially since the arrival of a family including a nine month old child
and several children under ten years old.
The Palestinian Squat was also attacked and a shelter partially dismantled
causing a head injury. The Police claimed to be retrieving stolen wooden
pallets from which the Palestinians had created their shelters. Several
attempts have also been made to arrest one elderly Sudanese man living in
the squat.
Notable arrests include several Ethiopians who were arrested in the park,
one young man was badly beaten.
This is a quick reminder of the brutality and suffering endured by those
who have already suffered enough, people from Darfur, Gaza, Afghanistan,
Iraq and Eritrea. If you can help in any way, donations, clothes or your
presence, contact us.