New CRS unit in town

The 22nd was the first day of Ramadan and also a day of no CRS presence. The CRS was changing company, team. It was a day of peace and freedom to breath. Unfortunately this didn’t last long. On the 23rd new CRS was cruising around town, showing off at the internet cafe where migrants try to get in contact with friends and family. Slowly passing by as if they could stop and snatch people any minute, blue lights on flashing, a short sirene and police laughing at migrants. Like hunters staring at their prey… They wanted to let migrants know there back and ready for their daily hassling migrants, violence and arbetrary arrests. Later in the evening we saw the CRS also cruising around jungles, same thing with lights, short sirene beeps and staring and laughing.

That night the new CRS made their first hit when 3 vans of police arrested 30 Afghans in a place near Calais. Three of them were released shortly after the arrest, but up till now there is no news of the rest of the people. One Afghan guy was brutally beaten up by the police in prison because he asked if he could use the toilet…

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