Successful patrols

The morning patrols of the 21st of August turned out to be quite effective. At the Hazara jungle the CRS hanged around for a while, but were not able to do anything because of our precense. The same situation was at the Pashtun jungle where 3 CRS vans were cruising around. The CRS checked our car papers and warned us for the extremely dangerous migrants… Whats more scary, a riotcop in full armour showing off authority and power or migrants offering you tea??? We had people present at almost every squat and jungle that morning.

In the end of the afternoon 5 CRS vans appeared at the Pashtun jungle and we went there asap. Around 8 Afghans were arrested around the jungle. We witnessed the situation and the police clearly didn’t like that. We made photos and because we had an official paper of the French journalist union saying filming is legal they could not do anything. They made a false accusation of insulting the police, to the person who was holding the camera and threatened with arrest, but didn’t do it in the end. The men from our van were searched and one guy was strangled by a police officer to take a close up photo of his face. We dealt with the hassle and hanged around the Pashtun jungle until the police was completely gone.

The morning of the 22nd was very quiet, no CRS. It’s the first day of Ramadan. At the moment there is the Rally going on at the detention centre in Coquelles. A report of this will follow soon.


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