Why are we not heared?

Yesterday I was talking to an Afghan man who spoke really perfect English and he told me about life in the jungle and being badly treated, not heared and not believed. It was a story of police abuse. When he was arrested some time ago he had badly injured foot, he was afraid it might be broken. The police didn’t believe him and said he was lying. He was denied medical treatment first, but he stood up for himself and didn’t give up. He kept on arguing he needed to go to hospital. Finally he was brought to hospital where he got an x-ray and treatment. Luckely the foot was not broken.

Next police abuse was that some time ago there accidently was a fire in one of the tents. Since this incident the police focussed on pepper spraying the new tent that was build on the place of the old tent. He was wondering why the police would do this.

He was also a victim of the police gassing the water point. Not knowing the water was poisoned he washed his face and drunk the water. His face started burning and inside his chest a burning pain developed. He told me he was not the only one and pointed out a few friends who had the same experience. He said no one would believe his story, but if a whole jungle with hundreds of migrants telling the same story how can he be lying? I told him I believed him and promised to tell his story.

He said okay we don’t have papers and try to cross the channel, but that is not a reason to treat us this badly. We did not run away from our country because we had a good life there. We do not stay in the jungles because we want to. Who choose to live in a place like this? Nobody!  And last but not least; We are humans just like you.

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