Police violence continues

Around 9.00 this morning four CRS vans arrived at the Hazare jungle. The police smashed up peoples homes completely and arrested lots of people. According to a migrant who managed to escape the violent attack everybody is released now.

Yesterday morning we managed to prevent the police pepperspraying the water point at the Pashtun jungle. A CRS van passed by 2 times but because we were there they didn’t do anything. Unfortunately the police came back a third time after we left and sprayed it anyway. Victims of the peppersprayed water point told us that the water burned on their faces and that they had a burning pain inside their chests after drinking the water, not knowing it was poisoned.

Yesterday evening Salam organised a theatre play at the food distribution point and the Pashtun Jungle. Lots of people enjoyed the play, but shortly after the play at the Pashtun Jungle the police arrested 3 people.


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