Visiting and making friends

We are going to the squats and jungles in town, we ask what people need and want, try to get it, like razors, toothpaste, shampoo, etc, etc, etc. The first aiders in our group do some first aid if necessary, mainly treating cuts and bruises from police violence. If necessary we go to the Pass clinic and/or hospital with people. At the moment we are helping out a guy with a badly swollen knee, going to  hospital and Pass clinic, getting X-rays and a specialist. Due to misinformation things take longer with the normal hospital, this is the 3rd day we are going with him to the Pass clinic who is helping out making an appointment with a specialist.

We also hang out with people. We chat, listen to their stories (write them down), answer the questions people have or get the right information, make music, play games. Yesterday the Sudanese/Palestinian camp invited us for a vegetarian dinner, that was really nice.  We learn some new languages and share some English. We make friends.

We are going to try and pick up patrolling again too, but lack transport at the moment. In Calais the police violence and arbitrary arrests of migrants is daily business. “Normal For Calais” as we say, which is actually brutal and bizarre.

The CRS lowers themselves to the lowest, they not only pepper-spray water points, but last night people  from the Sudanese/Palestinian camp told us that 3 weeks ago the CRS pepper-sprayed the food they were cooking.