Scabies operation cancelled

We just got the news that the Scabies operation proposed by Medecins du Monde and Medicins sands Frontier on 17-21 of August is cancelled for now. The council is providing ‘medical help’ at the moment, which they have to  according to European law. Medicins du Monde cannot intervene with this and has to wait till the council’s program has ended. After the program has ended there will be a review of the council’s initiative and it’s effects on the scabies epidemic and if necessary there will be Scabies operation organised.

Clearly the council’s program is appaling,  just providing a couple of showers and treatment at the Pass clinic for the amount of migrants living in Calais is not enough. It will not effectively treat the epidemic when the places where people live stay untreated and people and places are not being treated at the same time.