Details of police and racist attacks

I’ve talked again to our very energetic friends of the medics team, and they said they had collected testimonies that confirmed what is written above, in the general outlines. The details were a little different.

Somewhere around 2 months ago, during a police raid on the eritrean squat, a pregnant woman who was asleep, got pepper-sprayed in the face, and subsequently lost her baby. There is no trace of her, we don’t know her name, where she is, where she went. The team will try to find out more.

Also, the rock-throwing actually occurs during weekends, and migrants say it’s probably drunkards doing it. They arrive by car, get out, and throw rocks and bottles. Sometimes the migrants throw stuff back, and the thugs just get back to their cars and drive away. The team has decided to do a patrol tonight, and see what’s what.

I was also told of a guy in civilian clothes who once used pepper-spray in one of the holes on the front of the squat.