Ethopian squat blocked up

Calais Migrant Solidarity learned that the Ethiopian squat in Calais had
been blocked up by the CRS. They used breeze blocks to create a situation
where entry to the building is limited to climbing a plank of wood over a
high wall. All windows and doors have also been bricked up and sealed,
leaving those inside in total darkness. At their request a delegation
from No Borders South Wales was able to deliver some 12volt car batteries,
lights, LED lamps, a volt meter and a car battery charger (all donated by
those in sympathy with the migrants’ plight). We also handed out soap,
razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste and some vitamins. The level of police
repression toward migrants is astonishing; one Rastafarian even had his
dreads cut off by police when he was last arrested, and yet they manage to
keep a smile and share a cigarette with anyone who offers them help or
companionship. They told us that some of the locals are friendly and
often play music and wave to them from the nearby flats. The squat itself
is a really unhealthy space, with massive gaps in unstable wooden floors,
and the risks posed by prolonged inhalation of brick dust and ammonia. One
of the women living there is pregnant; we found it astonishing that such
vulnerable people are forced to live in such harsh conditions.

8.30pm The medics team reported, during today’s meeting, claims by migrants that the eritrean squat has been undergoing rock-throwing for the last 3 nights, around 3-4am. Also, they heard that racists had gone in and used pepper-spray on a pregnant woman, who then lost her baby, due to that. This still remains to be confirmed and detailed. The team hopes to speak to more people tomorrow and see if they can get converging testimonies. —- My own experience with white thugs in the neighborhood is similar, they are very much into shouting at passers-by at night, and they sometimes throw rocks/chunks of earth, either at people or at houses. Nevertheless, 4am is very very late for such things to happen. Usually the little thugs are quiet/home by that time. So it sounds more to me like action by racists.