More bullshit from Besson

Arrest of 4 Iranians
Arrest of 4 Iranians

Photo of the arrest by the CRS of 4 Iranians from their jungle, Tuesday 12th August at around 3pm.

Report to follow.
The myth that the French state is dealing with the scabies epidemic
following Immigration Minister Besson's statement yesterday that
he was ordering showers and scabies treatment for "as long as it
takes" is shown up for the bullshit it is in this message from a
migrant who spoke with people who had visited the clinic where the
showers have been set up:
"Today afternoon I saw migrants coming from the PASS medical clinic,
which is open every weekday afternoon. I asked them what was
going on up there, they just told there were four new showers. They
give you a scabies spray in case of need, or if you've got itching
skin or something like that, but no showers allowed without excuse
only for those who have scabies. France is the first country that
treat scabies with showers ! haha that seem funny for me... and the
migrants think this will work! I already told them it is a normal
bath, which isn't effective in the removal of scabies or even a
proper treatment."
Read more about the planned Medecins du Monde scabies operation that
this manouevre by the French government seems intent on undermining.
Also our concerns about this operation being used to not just clean
up but also clear out the jungles in Calais.
Bridge from ferry port
Bridge from ferry port
Painted message appeared on main roundabout from Calais ferry port. English: "BORDERS = SUFFERING"